A new lighthouse, shows the way.

Spent a little more time on Twitter digging through weeks of past tweets and came across this:

Which sounds awesome, because the LED not aligning on the USG or Switch(whichever way you look at it) was bugging me. Yeah, I know, tiny little details. But c’mon this is odd looking.


Which brings me to my next odd encounter. The Port Forwarding and Firewall settings. This is where it was little confusing, I kept looking under the Firewall page for Port Forwarding settings. Nope. They’re actually(for now?) under the Device settings, you select the device, which brings up Details about that device. Then you select Configuration and there it is, Port Forwarding.

Once you create a Port Forward, they do show under the “Settings -> Routing & Firewall” settings. But, you can not make changes to that Port Forward setting, you need go back to the Device page, select the device…you get the idea.

So after a little more reading, I ran into another odd thing, the “config.gateway.json” file. Not sure how odd this is to people who’ve been using that customized method. However, I came across this:

This may take some patience because if you get the formatting wrong you’ll trigger a boot loop on the USG.”

Wow… uhm .. so I have the option, to lets say brick my USG, interesting! This leads me into another thing I saw(I’m still trying to find where I read it) but if I remember correctly. UBNT knows this is an issue, so they hired Chris Buechler of pfSense to make this better. I think someone else made a comment to Chris about this and his response was(something along this line) “Yeah, I’m here to make that better”.  So this could be why the “Routing & Firewall” options have the label Beta next to it.

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