The trick … is not minding that it hurts

I feel this desire to use my laptop, almost daily. For the past 20+ years, a laptop or desktop computer has been used. Now, the trick has changed. The Apple iPad Pro 10.5 w/ Smart Keyboard is the change. I find that I’m able to focus more directly on what is being done vs. jumping around between apps that I had been doing on the laptop. Maybe this is because of how the “multi-tasking” works on the iPad, not sure, that will change with iOS 11, more apps could be shown on the screen, four apps from what I’ve seen(people playing around with the beta showing off things). The whole touching the screen thing has become a little odd, I guess it’s no different than using the trackpad to move the pointer? When using the laptop, I had eight desktops doing different things(I used a MacBook Pro, I’m all Apple). This feel of wanting of things to be doing stuff has changed a little. I feel it’s more a hunt and peck style, vs. a total consumption. I was pretty iPhone app heavy anyways. However, I never thought I would change to a device other than my laptop. When the first iPad came out, I had a little HP NetBook, I spent six months figuring out what I actually did on the NetBook, meaning this.
I documented the steps I did, i.e. Click here, then click here. Etc… to determine if using an iPad was useable. At that time, the NetBook was just used for email and watching Netflix. So that change was easy. The apps that existed then, well, frankly not many did. No VPN, no banking or communication apps, i.e. FaceTime, Slack, Spark, you name it. And, even back then lots of website still had “mobile browsers” issues. Not all, but the ones I used did. So that made the laptop still a daily thing. Now that most apps are “cloud” connected or cross-platform in some fashion switching around between devices is easy. I still find myself wanting to switch to a laptop/desktop/mouse, well, because that feel, that need to do something that has been done for days and years is changing and that habit is hard to break. When I feel that “want” to use the laptop, I stop, I think out what I would actually do on the laptop, the process, how would I interact with it. And, I stop, I think about it, I find that using the iPad can do the trick. And, if you can get over the hurt of the trick, the breaking down of the process, I think more people would enjoy using an iPad.

So I’ll leave you with this little thought:
“but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.”

…seven bells and all is well

In the last 90 days, the conference trips have been going. It started off with Interop ITX, Cisco DevNetCreate, Purestorage Pure//Accelerate, Kansas City VMUG Regional Conference, and lastly Cisco Live in Vegas.

Lots of travel and long nights.  I’ll be posting a little more details of each conference in the next few days. Just wanted to drop a little note as to why this blog seems a little lacking the past few weeks. Stay tuned!!!