The adventure road, has a little gravel…

So far here’s what I don’t like about UBNT and the little things that bug me.  First lets show a little love to the USG PRO-4. Much smaller than I thought, BUT the power cable. Using that damn, what I call mouse ears power cable. I’m not sure what the technical reason behind this is, however, how many people have that type of cable laying around Maybe that could be changed? Not a show stopper. (The USG does come with the cable needed).

Now about this Cloud Key cable, odd, but kinda cool looking. I dug around on Twitter and Instagram looking for what other people did. And, they just plugged it in and left the Key hanging off a switch port. Hmm. I’m not a big fan of that. The cable is thick and can stay in a bent shape. Which would keep it a little out of way. I ended up using a two foot Belkin CAT-6 and placed it on top the Switch. Maybe they could have an accessory that would mount into a 1U space that would hold the Cloud Key. Otherwise, some double-sided velcro is in the device’s future.

Now for this part, I’m sure nobody cares, however, that was the first thing I noticed when I placed the units on top of each other. Where the device name and square logo light is at. I think that should all be in the exact same spot so when the products are stacked up, it looks nicer. As for the LED color looking like a different shade of blue, I’m pretty sure it was just the angle of the picture. I don’t remember those being different blue shades.  I did like how the LED is white until the device is “Adopted“, then it becomes blue.


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