And Now for Something Completely Different…

You have to love a little Monty Python in this adventure.  And, that new adventure is Ubiquiti Networks.

We’ll call them UBNT for short(typing the full name is a pain–no offense), because this will be the first post of many. So far I have taken about 100 pictures. You know, to get all the little details that might be missed until you actually have it in your hands. I know other people will be focusing on how this gear will stack up, i.e. Lee Badman aka @Wirednot will be doing a more high-end approach, well because, frankly, he sees networks that handle 10’s of thousands of people. I think last he said his daily network usage is around 50K in devices. Yeah, nice!  And, mine well maybe 75/monthly. Sad Panda.

However, I do have access to multiple 1Gbps up/down WAN links. Which makes this a little more fun. And, an easier network to tear apart and put some of our devices behind.

So the meat of this will be focusing on the Cloud portion, i.e. Cloud Key, and the Security Gateway. So the USG should handle around 900(and some change)Mbps w/ DPI on.  Good thing for us we have access to Google Fiber.  So stick around the next few days, we both could learn something.


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